Industrial gears units

Precision Industrial Gearboxes:
Versatile and Reliable

Industrial gear units by AUMA Drives are specifically designed for two requirement profiles. On the one hand, this is continuous force transmission at high speeds and precise part-turn positioning of heavy weights. For these applications, the advantages of worm gear units are most obvious: Low noise and minimum backlash at high transmission ratios, even when used in heavy-duty environments.

High-tech gear units for the industry

Whenever efficiency and economic issues are core requirements, precise industrial gear units and drive systems by AUMA Drives are in demand. The benefit of precision in gear unit solutions made in Coswig is achieved thanks to an outstanding development competence and the vertical range of manufacture. This starts with the sizing and designing of gear unit systems and goes beyond material optimisation and quality control within the production process. In a traditional industrial company like AUMA Drives, all stakeholders are aware of the importance of highest quality standards.