HYMAX Escalator gear unit FTHST.1

Advanced Gearbox Solutions for Elevators and Escalators

The latest generation of AUMA Drives escalator gear units relies on extremely powerful hypoid splines, combined with a helical gear stage. This way, the HYMAX type range provides an even transmission behaviour at high efficiency and a low sound pressure level. All gear unit components are designed for a lifetime exceeding 146,000 hours of operation at the respective nominal power. These features make the HYMAX gear units a particularly attractive solution for demanding applications in public transportation. Here, gear units are often deployed round the clock whereby the high energy efficiency and the low maintenance requirements ensure low total cost of ownership for the operator.

HYMAX for peak loads, for example in underground stations or at airports

3 sizes (FTHST156.1/168.1/182.1) with respectively 2 transmission ratios (i=20.8 / i=25.9)

Efficiency ≥ 96 %

Nominal power up to 33 kW

Lubricant sensors as an option (temperature, filling level)

Escalator gear units FTSST.1 Worm helical gear units

On a global scale, more than 47,000 escalator gear units by AUMA Drives are deployed. Most of the escalator gear units and elevator gear units by AUMA Drives are based on worm gear units. Even in whisper gears acting as stage drives in theatres, the assets of the spline combinations will pay off. High-speed worm gear unit stages ensure even and low-noise torque transmission while providing optimum noise absorbing properties. The downstream helical gear pair caters for high efficiency and soft start behaviour within the gear unit. Finally, the downstream transmission elements act as additional protection against load peaks.

FTSST.1 for “Public Applications“ like underground stations or airports

3 sizes (158/180/212) with 3 reduction ratios each (i=20 through i=32)

High efficiency for nominal power up to 45 kW

Lubricant sensors as an option (temperature, filling level)

Escalator gear units FTS.1 Worm gear units

The low noise level is perfectly suited for buildings and the premium transport experience is beneficial for passengers. Operators value the high efficiency, the resulting energy output – and the respect of all safety relevant standards like EN 115-1:2017 and APTA. On a global scale, more than 50,000 escalator gear units by AUMA Drives are deployed.

FTS.1 for “Commercial Applications“ like shopping malls

4 sizes (100/125/160/180) with 2 transmission ratios each (i=20.5 / i=24.5)

Nominal power up to 25 kW at low investment expenditures

Lubricant sensors as an option (temperature, filling level)

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Elevator gear units SST97-SST150 Worm helical gear units

Heavy duty worm helical gear units are mainly used at public locations like airports and underground stations. In shopping malls with less demanding loads, the single-stage worm gear units are preferable. Also part of the product portfolio: Overall pre-configured drive systems with integral motor for escalators and elevators.

SST97-SST150 for long-life elevator drive units

4 sizes (97/118/150) available in numerous transmission ratios between i=8 and i=150

Complete drive systems available (incl. gear unit, motor with low-noise double brake, torque reaction lever, shaft with pillow block bearings and traction sheave)