S.1 High-performance worm gear unit

High-Performance Worm Gearboxes: Multifunctional and Reliable

Many products by AUMA Drives are based on worm gear units. Their low-noise and constant power transmission allows for highest torques even in compact design. Due to the high transmission rations and a high overload capability, worm gear units are perfectly suited for a large variety of applications. For this reason, they are often paired with helical, bevel or planetary gear stages.

The basic portfolio of AUMA Drives includes worm gear units with variable direction of rotation, available with 15 different axis distances between 40 and 450 millimetres and standard transmission ratios ranging from i=5 to i=100. Furthermore, numerous proven options can be provided for integration of the gear units into existing systems.

20 sizes available (centre distance between 50 and 450 mm)

Each size can be configured with 10 transmission ratios (i=5 to i=85)

Torques from 100 to 600,000 Nm can be implemented

Modular system for optional equipment with motor flange, output mounting flange and output drive shaft


DS.1 Double worm gear unit

Double gear units for maximum torques

The combination of two single-stage worm gear units enables enormous speed reduction for confined spaces. Double worm gear units convert comparably low driving power into high torques. When using a helical worm gear unit as primary gear stage, overall transmission ratios up to i > 10,000 can be implemented Complete drive systems with mounted motor are also available.

Maximum transmission ratios between i=100 and i=3,000, with helical worm gear stage as primary reduction gearing up to i=10,000

Extreme torques at low driving powers

Modular system for optional equipment with motor flange, output mounting flange and output drive shaft

Worm gear units as core competence

For more than 120 years, worm gear units have been manufactured in Coswig near Dresden in line with the latest state-of-the-art technologies. While technological options have considerably changed over the years, the benefits of worm gear units have stayed the same. Their uniform torque transmission, large reduction ratios within one gear stage and the high overload capacity are an integral part alongside with self-locking and a variety of different design types. Therefore, until today, gear units form a solid basis within the product portfolio of AUMA Drives. This is significantly related with the enormous experience in all areas of the value chain – from development and production to assembly.