High torques at low Speed

Slewing gear units are perfectly suited as adjustable mechanisms for CPV trackers and part-turn units on cranes, as well as axial adjustment in foundry machines and other processing plants.slewing gear by AUMA Drives / GFC

Irrespective of evenly circulating motion or back and forth movements – Our slewing gear units work precisely and reliably in any environment. Top class engineering, the robust design and perfect sealing against ingress of dirt warrant our quality.

Our slewing gear units are available in sizes 180, 240 and 285. Technical data on each size is provided on request.


design features
  • total run-out tolerance of the machine frame between 0.06 and 0.08mm
  • designed for receiving pressure loads, for adjustment to differing loads and forces please send a request 
  • statically self-locking
  • usable at amient temperatures from 
    -20 °C to +70 °C
  • operation mode S3/15%, maximum 10 starts/hour
  • output drive speed n2 ≤ 1.0 rpm
DRW 180:
  • output torque T2N = 5500 Nm
  • maximum torque T2max = 9000 Nm
  • ratio i = 62
  • operation efficiency rating η = 0.50
DRW 240:
  • output torque  T2N = 9900 Nm  
  • maximum torque  T2max = 12000 Nm
  • ratio i = 86
  • operation efficiency rating η = 0.52
 DRW 285:
  • output torque  T2N = 11000 Nm
  • maximum torque  T2max = 14600 Nm
  • ratio i = 104
  • operation efficiency rating η = 0.56
  • slewing gear units with bronze worm wheels for higher operation times
  • slewing gears for applications requiring particularly low circumferential backlash
  • drive units designed for outdoor use including motor, primary gear stage and DRW up to IP68 protection degree and C4-M corrosivity category
  • slewing gears adapted to deviating service positions (e.g. horizontal output drive axis) or force infeed (e.g. axial tensile loads)
integration into other systems
  • operating position for outdoor use: output drive including worm wheel and sealing rings pointing downward to avoid water residues on the sealing elements 
  • to be fitted on an even, vibration absorbing and rigid machine frame
  • base must be designed for the effective weights and torques to avoid additional loads on the slewing gear unit resulting from distortion or twisting
protection from environmetal influences
  • surface protection by 2K-PUR wet paint according to ISO 12944 for corrosivity category C3-M
  • sealing of the slewing gear unit against ingress contamination from outside  by two double-lipped seals made of hydrated nitrile rubber (HNBR)
  • resistance of the sealings against technical oils containing additives, extreme temperatures (-40°C to +145°C), ozone and friction

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