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worm gear by AUMA Drives / GFCAUMA Drives worm gear units are operable in both rotation directions.

Our worm gear units are provided for many connection and fastening options.

The models are available in sizes 40, 50, 63, 80, 100, 125, 160, 200, 225, 250, 280, 315, 355, 400 and 450. Technical data on each size is provided on request.

The basic variant type SVA can be extended by drive and motor flanges, covers and many further options, such as slip-on output drive shafts.

Double worm gear

double worm gear by AUMA Drives / GFC

By combining two single-stage worm gear units, significant speed reduction can be achieved in spite of the smaller and compact design.

Due to the high transmission ratios (up to i > 5000) , the relatively low drive performance is converted into high torques, particularly paying off for strong intermittent duty such as positioning duties.

We provide double worm gear units  and worm gear units in various sizes and designs, featured by highest transmission ratios.  

Helical worm gear units can be implemented as primary reduction gearings, thus achieving a total transmission of
i > 10.000 – please contact us! 


design features
  • worm gear set according to DIN 3975, flank shape ZK, worm shaft made of 16MnCrS5, case-hardened and grinded
  • worm wheel made of highly wear resistant special bronze
  • lubrication: fully synthetic oil for highest efficiency and reduced maintenance
  • quality roller bearings for highest lifetime and absorption of external forces
  • 10 standard transmission ratios per size, more available on request
  • type SVA: solid shaft at input, hollow shaft at output
  • type S_V / SVV: solid shaft with free shaft ends on one or both sides
  • type S_VF / S_AF / SVVF / SVAF: output drive flange with solid shaft or hollow shaft
  • type SV_D: torque reaction lever at output drive
  • type SK: coupling flanges for IEC motors
  • type SP: primary hollow shaft and flange for IEC motors
  • torque reaction lever
  • covers for protection against contamination and corrosion as well as against touching
  • coupling flanges for IEC motors. Option for sizes 100, 125, 160: Worm shafts with bores and flange for direct IEC motor connection – Ideal for confined spaces
  • worm shaft end. e. g. for assembly of speed and position sensors
  • output drive flange
  • Output shafts (with free shaft ends on one or both sides), axially secured by circlip and washer or via shrink disc
  • direct motor connection (type SM_) for confined spaces
integration into other systems
  • AUMA Drives worm gear units are compatible with operating plants of types: B3, B8, B6, B3I, V5, V5II
  • adjustment of lubricant quantities, positions of air vent and oil draining plugs according to the selected mounting position
  • integration into the installation plant (depending on the type) as slip-on gear, with torque reaction levers or flanges
  • axial security of slip-on-gears within the gear hollow shaft both through end disc and circlip or via shrink disc
protection from environmental influences
  • high-quality surface corrosion protection according to ISO 12944-2
  • protection from mechanical shocks and harsh environments by housing material grey cast iron with lamellar graphite (GJL), spheroidal cast iron (GJS) upon request
  • as an option, radial seals with dust lips (form AS) made of Viton as spray water and dust protection
  • wide ambient temperature ranges

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