AUMA Drives' gears are at ease while coping with sophisticated challenges. Due to the simultaneous alignment of several tooth pairs, the worm gearings are characterised by their high overload capacity and fracture strength.

Selected materials and top-level production quality ensure reliable and shock-absorbing torque transmission, needed in daily use in construction and agricultural engineering.

gear units and drives for actuators by AUMA Drives / GFC

Implementation of slip clutches with adjustable slip torques guarantee reliable long term service. Well-engineered sealing and coating concepts offer ideal protection for use in aggressive atmospheres with dust and dirt, humidity and spraying water, extreme temperatures, chemical as well as mechanical impacts.Der Einsatz von Rutschkupplungen mit einstellbarem Rutschmoment garantiert zuverlässigen Langzeitbetrieb.

For customized actuator gear units according to your specifications, please submit a request for quotation including production drawings.

We are pleased to perform technical sizing for your applications, i.e. dimensioning as well as selection of materials and hardening procedures.


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