Gear units for escalators and elevators


Safety-relevant applications such as transport of people have always been a core competence of AUMA Drives GmbH. Apart from elevator gear units, AUMA drives has been successfully supplying escalator gear units for more than a decade. More than 20,000 AUMA Drives gear units are used in escalators installed in airports, underground stations and department stores worldwide, thus ensuring smooth transport.


escalator gear units and escalator drives by AUMA Drives / GFC

Various outstanding features establish AUMA Drives gear units as first class escalator gear units. Vibration and shock-absorbing torque transmission means low-noise transport and therefore convenience for the passengers. Worm gearings with ZK type tooth profile optimised for this purpose are high overload capacities and are therefore ideally suited for load changes in daily operations. This is achieved by using ground worm shafts made of case-hardened steel and worm wheels made of highly wear-resistant special bronze.

For customized escalator or elevator drives according to your specifications, please submit a request for quotation including production drawings. We are pleased to perform technical sizing for your applications, i.e. dimensioning as well as selection of materials and hardening procedures.


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