Low-noise gear versions are the real challenge in stage engineering: Whether the curtain falls, the scenes are shifted or the stage setting is changed. The AUMA Drives "whisper gear" has a noise level of less than 55 dB(A) under load. This is ensured by smooth interaction of gear, electric motor, dual brake and incremental encoder. Thus,  unimpaired enjoyment of culture is ensured.

gear units and drives for stage technology by AUMA Drives / GFC


Our automated complete solutions for stage technology warrant hassle-free shows evening for evening. 

Famous concert halls like the Royal Opera House in London, the Bolshoi-Theatre in Moscow or the Semperopera in Dresden trust AUMA Drives quality.





For customized stage technology drives according to your specifications, please submit a request for quotation including production drawings. We are pleased to perform technical sizing for your applications, i.e. dimensioning as well as selection of materials and hardening procedures.


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