Precision Gearbox Solutions for Forklift Trucks

Time plays a decisive role in storage logistics. For this reason, a high-quality fork-lift truck fleet is equipped with utmost flexibility: Goods movements are kept to a minimum. Fork-lift trucks with “rotators” can play to their strengths when it comes to efficiency. Apart from the classic up and down of the forks, they can also perform lateral tilting movements. AUMA Drives provide the wheel set for the rotator.

Drehgerät Radsatz

For the rotator wheel set, AUMA Drives benefits from its large in-house development competence. The size of these worm wheel sets requires sound experience in calculation and sizing. Eventually, the self-locking function of the gear unit is essential for functional safety. For this reason, great importance is attached to production quality.

Wheel set production according to customer drawing

Splines cut-plane (worm shaft) and milled (worm wheel)

In-house production of splines up to centre distance 450 mm and module m=20

Rotator services provided by AUMA Drives:

  • Resource-saving material substitution
  • Redesign, revision and overhaul of existing fork-lift truck rotators

Options for precision wheel sets:

  • Reduced gear backlash
  • Gear qualities to 4
  • Duplex worm shafts for adjustable gear backlash within the housing