High-Precision Gearbox Solutions for Medical Engineering

In case of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), the imaging quality depends on the precise positioning of the technical equipment. Another task for the precision gear units by AUMA Drives. The higher the imaging quality, the better the diagnostic options for the radiologist.

Präzisionsgetriebe im MRT

To gain three-dimensional insights, the imaging technology rotates around the patient lying in the MRI scanner tube. The rotating axis can be tilted with utmost precision requiring perfect positioning. The development team at AUMA Drives have designed a double worm gear unit for tilting: its main stage is designed as slewing gear unit. For optimum diagnostics at any position.

Slewing gear units in compact design and with central gear opening

self-braking and low backlash version

Transmission ratio i=4379

Prepared for mounting a position sensor | rotary encoder | encoder