Our novelty - your special drive


Our motto: optimisation through innovation. To provide our clients with optimal special solutions, we are not afraid to invest in the development of intelligent gear units and drives. This mindset makes AUMA Drives the solution provider number one for your drive system.

The competent AUMA Drives team of engineers and skilled employees makes sure every step from the feasibillity study to prototype construction up to assembly meets your needs. Every new development is checked over and over in complex simulations and test series regarding performance and precision.

transmission development at AUMA Drives / GFC

The steps of the developing-process are:

  • Feasibility study: We do everything we can so that the implementation of your special solution is not hindered by any technical or financial obstacles.
  • Conceptualization: Our engineers design a project scheldule.
  • Calculation: The utilized calculation tools meet current technical standards. Follow the link to find out more.
  • Design: The prodution drawings needed for prototype construction are beeing made.
  • Prototype construction and testing: AUMA Drives test benches are an in-house special development.
  • Production planning etc.: Preparing the process of industrialisation falls also into the remit of the engeneering department.

We demand maximum quality from our new developments just as we do with our standard series. That is why a high level of vertical integration and integrated quality management are the hallmarks of our production process. The final result is a well-functioning, reliable drive system, that meets your prevoiusly stipulated economic conditions.

For a custom-build system according to your specifications, please submit a request for quotation including production drawings. We are pleased to perform technical sizing for your applications, i.e. dimensioning as well as selection of materials and hardening procedures.


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