Cross-helical gear units, screw jacks and bevel gear units


On request and in customised versions, cross-helical gear units, screw jacks and bevel gear units are part of AUMA Drives comprehensive product range.

Screw jacks transform rotary movements into linear movements and perform controlled lifting, lowering, pressing and positioning procedures. Screw jacks are often used as electromechanical replacements for hydraulic and pneumatic elements.

special gear units by AUMA Drives / GFC

Bevel gear units can be recommended for applications with small transmission ratios and rectangular torque transmission. Cross-helical gear units are used for small outputs and transmission ratios.

For customized special gear units according to your specifications, please submit a request for quotation including production drawings. We are pleased to perform technical sizing for your applications, i.e. dimensioning as well as selection of materials and hardening procedures.


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