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planetary gear by AUMA Drives / GFC

Planetary gear units are characterized by their compact design and their high efficiency ratio which make them particularly suitable for applications in conveyor technology and the automotive sector. Planetary gear units by AUMA Drives transmit maximum torques whilst working as quietly as possible.


design features

  • input speed n1 = 600 rpm
  • lifetime of 500 hours
  • operation mode: intermittent duty ED 25%    
  • ambient temperature range from -30°C to +40°C
  • lubricated with SHELL ALVANIA 1029  
  • high-quality surface corrosion prevention by wet paint finish according to ISO 12944-2



  • ratio i = 4:1
  • torque T2 = 550 Nm


  • ratio i = 5:1
  • torque T2 = 650 Nm

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