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worm wheel set by AUMA Drives / GFC

No matter whether standard or special solutions, small quantities or series production – AUMA Drives is your competent partner for high-quality wheel sets.  Our worm wheel sets are used worldwide.

They have been proven both in the heavy industry sector as well as in precision tasks such as indexing devices, rotary tables and positioning systems in machine tools.

Our worm gear units can be operated in both rotation directions. Left-handed-ascending versions are available on request.


design features
  • worm wheel sets consisting of case-hardened and grinded worm shafts (16MnCrS5) combined with worm wheels made of high-quality, wear-resistant centrifugally cast or continuous cast bronze
  • quality in accordance with DIN 3974 worm shaft 6, worm wheel 7
  • splines in accordance with DIN 3975 profile ZK right-handed-ascending
  • worm wheel sets with centre distance 40 to 630 mm with modules 1 to 30 and transmission ratios between 5 and > 110
  • worm wheel sets according to specifications / drawings of our customers
  • integral worm wheel sets of standardised series from 40 to 315 mm
  • simplex and duplex worm wheel sets
  • worm wheel sets with reduced circumferential / gear backlash
  • left-handed-ascending versions

We guarantee that similar worm shafts and worm wheels can be replaced if they have not yet been run in.

This does not apply to worm wheel sets with reduced gear backlash. Such wheel sets are adjusted to the actual dimension of the housingcentre- point distance and labeled in pairs.

Requirements for fault-free operation of AUMA Drives worm wheel sets:

  • correct gear contact pattern setting
  • appropriate storage
  • sufficient lubrication
  • running-in procedure completed
integration into other systems
  • precise individual system solutions guaranteeing smooth work flows 
  • sensitive and infinitely variable regulation of the backlash to any desired value by using duplex worm wheel sets
protection from environmental influences
  • due to the flank geometry of the ZK splines higher insensitivity to wear which might be caused by misalignment such as bending of worm due to excessive torque loads or incorrect axes within the housing
  • wide ambient temperature ranges
  • maximum protection through robust materials

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