Planetary gearings for safe container handling.

Safety and precision count when moving freight containers. On the one hand, the ton-weighing load must never work loose from crane or spreader during transport. On the other hand, the technology must allow for high precision positioning of the container. Apart from the planetary gearing, other gear systems by AUMA Drives are applied.

Container spreader

Container spreaders work like hands of the pick & place unit and must precisely lock into the standardised loops of the freight container. In the twistlock mechanism, a planetary gearing ensures that the container is safely lodged in the transport loops and remains fixed.

Transmission ratios i=4 and i=5 available

Delivery including hydraulic motor possible

Compact overriding gear for coaxial speed reduction

Apart from that, Helical worm gear units by AUMA Drives are deployed in the drive system and the telescopic function of the flipper arms, assisting the crane operator in alignment and centring of the spreader.

2 sizes available with 0.55 and 0.9 kW nominal power

Self-locking splines with integral overload slip clutch

Enclosure protection IP66 for reliable use in wind and weather