Efficient Helical Escalator Gearbox Solutions

Worm helical gear units are proven as driving unit for escalators around the world. Even and low-noise torque transmission of the worm stage is combined with the high efficiency of two helical gears. This results in soft-start behaviour and low running noise which will pay off at high traffic hubs as well as in busy shopping malls.

Fahrtreppengetriebe mit Schneckenstirnradgetriebe

Worm helical gear units

Worm helical gear unit

Helical worm gear units by AUMA Drives fulfil all safety-relevant escalator standards like EN 115-1:2017 and APTA. The FTSST.1 type range is available in different versions and nominal power rating up to 45 kW. Furthermore, our engineers configure complete drive systems with motors, brakes and sensors according to customer requirements.

The high-speed worm gear stage ensures even and low-noise torque transmission while providing optimum noise absorbing properties. The downstream helical gear pair caters for high efficiency within the gear unit.

3 sizes are available (158/180/212) with 3 transmission ratios each (i=20 through i=32)

High efficiency at nominal powers between 25 and 45 kW

Lubricant sensors as an option (temperature, filling level)

Similar to escalators, helical worm gear units by AUMA Drives show their strengths also in elevators and stage applications. AUMA Drives supplies complete elevator gear units consisting of gear unit, brake motor with transmitter system as well as traction sheave with bearing.

SST97-SST150 for long-life elevator gear units

3 sizes (97/118/150) available in various transmission ratios between i=8 and i=150)

Complete drive systems available (including gear unit, motor with low-noise double break, torque reaction lever, shaft with pillow block bearings and traction sheave)