Advanced Gearbox Solutions for Excavator Buckets

Modern excavators and construction equipment are functional all-rounders. They meet the requirements for the most varied applications in which they must provide peak performance under the most demanding conditions. Perfect if the digging bucket has an additional rotation axis – including a gear unit paired with rotator wheel set by AUMA Drives.


At the pivot-axis attachments of excavators, the tailor-made worm wheel sets by AUMA Drives prove their qualities. AUMA Drives supplies these “rotators” as complete slewing gear units or as rotator wheel set. Two aspects are decisive for the quality of these components. One aspect is the application-specific sizing and design of the wheel set which will be customised on our premises. The second aspect is the manufacturing process as such. The company relies on cut-plane radial splines and precision-milled worm wheels. Made of suitable materials, the gear units will have a long lifetime and satisfy the most demanding requirements.

Production according to customer drawings

Splines cut-plane (worm shaft) and milled (worm wheel)

In-house production of splines up to centre distance 450 mm and module m=20

Options for precision wheel sets:

  • Reduced gear backlash
  • Gear qualities to 4
  • Duplex worm shafts for adjustable gear backlash within the housing