Enhanced Safety with Overload Clutch Gearboxes for Graders

Where large forces at high torques are transmitted, gear units often work very hard. Since there is only a fine line between peak performance and overtaxing, AUMA Drives offers gear units with slip clutch as overload protection.

Getriebe mit Rutschkupplung

Gear units with overload slip clutch

Worm wheel sets form the core of various drive systems by AUMA Drives. This also applies to slewing gear units positioning the blade of motor graders. These heavy-duty construction machines are also called road graders and are mostly used for levelling unpaved roads. A robust and adjustable metal blade, comparable to a snowplough, levels the surface of the lane. Depending on the soil condition, height and alignment of the blade can be adjusted via a gear unit. As extremely high forces act upon the blade, the overload slip clutch serves as a major safety feature. If a massive obstacle hits the blade, the slip clutch disengages the positive locking to prevent damage to the splines within the gear.

Transmission ratio i=60 with self-locking design

Integral overload slip clutch with 15 kNm slip torque

Output drive pinion with straight splines