AUMA Drives

AUMA Drives – Your Trusted Gearbox Manufacturer in Germany

As developer and manufacturer for gear unit solutions, AUMA Drives contributes many decades of experience to the AUMA Group. The company history dates back to 1896. Finally, in 1991, the former Getriebefabrik Coswig (GFC) joined the AUMA Group.

AUMA Drives

Company history overview


1896 —

The Maschinenfabrik Pekrun was founded by Professor Herrmann Arthur Pekrun in Coswig. The number of employees had increased to its peak of 1,200 employees in 1929.

1949 —

In the newly founded GDR, the factory was turned into a state-owned company and renamed as VEB Getriebefabrik Coswig (GFC).

1989 —

Up to the political turnaround, the company had further specialised and turned into the sole manufacturer of worm gear units in the GDR. GFC exported its goods to Eastern Europe, France, the Netherlands and Western Germany.

1991 —

The AUMA Group from Muellheim realised the potential of the top-grade worm gear units made in Saxony for their own product portfolio and beyond. The AUMA Group took over the company. In 2005, the company was renamed to GFC AntriebsSysteme GmbH.

2016 —

With the change of name to AUMA Drives, the integration into the AUMA Group was finally completed.