Spline measurement

Advanced Gearbox Testing and Cutting-edge R&D

Quality management at AUMA Drives covers various aspects. Starting with the development stage, it will consistently cover the entire production process right through to installation on the customer’s premises. The objective is quite demanding: optimum gear unit quality in all drive systems across their entire life cycle.

Clearly defined processes are an important pillar of the AUMA Drives quality scheme. Therefore, quality control is an integral part of all processes in R&D and production. Continuous analysis on possible faults or interferences characterises standard procedures in quality assurance as well as capability proofs for machines or detailed documentation of productions processes and test procedures. Any production step can therefore easily be reproduced: All components of the gear units and drive systems made in Coswig can precisely be tracked – for the most part even to the supplier and the manufacturer of the material.

Most test benches in the AUMA Drives test centre are in-house developments. They allow collection of a multitude of application-specific parameters – each depending on customer requirements. Both supplier components and complete gear units go through the test cycle, some of them at extreme ambient conditions. For example, the roller bearing test bench allows for simulation of 400,000 operation hours under normal load.

In the climatic chamber, gear units can even be tested at –40 degrees Celsius. In addition, there are torque and vibration test benches, systems for testing fracture strength and many more.

Qualitätssicherung bei AUMA Drives

In-house test options (selection):

Spline measurement, noise measurement, coordinates measurement, optical shaft measurement, various non-destructive material testing procedures, hardness test HRC, HBW, HV, optical twist measurement, film thickness measurement, leak tightness test according to differential pressure procedure.

Roller bearing testing as a service:

The roller bearing test benches in the test centre of AUMA Drives are among the USPs of the company. The impact of hundreds of thousands of operation hours can be tested on these test benches, if required under various load scenarios. On request, even external customers benefit from these test options.