For us, quality begins within the product and process development phase, together with the customer. Already at this point, the quality management lays a foundation when applying well-definded procedures, that are permanetly being optimized and lived.

We espcecialy emphasise the continous enhancement of our procedures.

Furthermore, quality control is inherently implemented in every step of our industrial manufacturing.
Failure mode and effects analysis is a tool applied on a regular basis, as well as capability studies on machinery, manufacturing and test processes.

The current production is veiled upon by modern and partly specially developed testing equipment. 

In close cooperation between quality management and technical purchasing, the production network, development and of course our suppliers, we enssure an on-time and error-free start of production. 

What is so special about AUMA Drives' quality management? Here is a little insight:


  • single flank inspection, centre distance up to 800 [mm]
  • gear precision measuring center
    Ø 650 x 1500 [mm]

 noise measurement

  • sound pressure level measurement in free-field noise chamber class 2
  • frequency analysis FFT, body sound ranging measurement


  • 2500 calibrated measuring devices


  • coordinate measuring machines
    up to 1200 x 2400 x 1000
  • optical shaft measurement
    Ø 200 x 850 [mm]
  • scanning measuring arm, 
    measuring range 2500 [mm], optical and tactile

 non-destructive material

  • magnetic particle testing
  • dye penetrant testing
  • surface temper etch inspection after grinding
  • spectral analysis
  • roughness measurement
  • hadness test HRC, HBW, HV
  • optical twist measurement
  • layer thicness measurement
  • leak testing in accordance to the differential pressure method

 quality planning

  • FMEA
  • capability analysis
  • measuring device capability analysis
  • 8D-report
  • Ishikawa-diagram

The quality management is completed by occupational health and safety, environmental and energy management within an integrated management system. That is why drive systems by AUMA drives meet highest quality standards.