Optimized solutions according to customer's wish

Engineering at AUMA Drives stands for three things: Innovation, motivation and know-how.
Having collected experience in the fields of development and manufacturing over decades we and our site today are one of the leading experts for drive systems. Our core competencies extend from serial gear unit construction up to developmemt of customized solutions.

The final outcome speaks for itself: At the end of the developing process emerge products which are efficiently designed in terms of smoothness, torque and performance, thus ensuring a crucial competitive advantage to our customers by their reliability and economic efficiency. 

Five reasons to choose AUMA Drives

  • longeterm experience in developing customized drive systems in various areas of engineering
  • we benefit from all the the knowlwdge and experience of our partners of AUMA Group, take in consideration the newest research findings from our cooperation in several research working groups and implement the results from our cooperation with german universities 
  • close customer-contact throughout the whole developing process
  • supply of all necessary developing resources in no time
  • realizability and in-house execution of the complete product developing process

What exactly is it that makes the engineering at AUMA Drives so unique? We emphazise customer focus. Together with you, we want to develop new products and solutions. For this very reason you are always communication directly and without any detours with our developing department. Only in this way we always get a clear understanding of your application. 

Also during conceptualization and when considering your wishes for special features we keep close contact so your solution is optimaly tailored to your application.

Quality takes its time. To planify the duration and the process of the development, AUMA Drives is working with modern project management tools to monitor dates and plan capacitys.

At AUMA Drives every step of the developing process - from feasibility study to prototype testing - is in-house executed without any exceptions. 

Feasibility study

This step lays the foundation for a successful project. 

  • Which technical hurdles are there?
  • Is the implementation of your idea economically justifiable?
  • Wich resources are needed in which amount? 
  • How much time is there from the start of the development until maturity phase?

Our experienced team knows exactly what needs to be organised so your idea can be put into action.

Engineering at AUMA Drives / GFC


Basing on the results prepared in the feasibility study, our engineers compile a concrete project schedule, which is of course reconsiled with your needs. 


Our calculation tools meet the latest state of the art.
 The utilization of new 3D CAD methods is AUMA Drives standard to examine via solid model whether the space at the place of installation is sufficient and whether the accessibility for operation and maintenance is guaranteed.  

By using sophisticated techniques and our experience we determine the load spectrum as an indispensable reference point for product design. With the aid of extensive calculation software based on the "finite element method" which is continously refining the results of calculation, we determine and  implement the optimal minimum material use to maximum capacity ratio for all components.

Among the used tools:

  • ANSYS Mechanical (structural analysis)
  • AutoFENA (FKM-confirmation)
  • KISSsoft (calculation, dimensioning and optimization of gear components)
  • KISSsys (calculation of power flow, stability and life span of every maschine element)
  • FVA workbench (calculation of geometry and standard load bearing capacity of helical gear)

Design and production drawing

Using the data emerged from calculation, our engineering team now creates the design plans and production drawings needed for prototype construction.

Prototype construction and prototype test at the test bench

No calculation without double checking within the test environment. No market introduction without type testing. Modern calculation and design programs make the developing process so much easier. However, testing components and devices under close to realistic operating, load and environmental conditions still is a prerequisite. 

We design and develop our tecst benches ourselves. This allows us to test various application specific parameters according to customer's requirements. Our test departments are perfectly equipped among others with test benches for torque measurement and vibration tests, pressure chambers and climatic chambers, motor test benches and much more.

By performing lifetime or fracture tests our engineers verify the theoretically determined data. Here, we can check if AUMA Drives drives keep their functionality under certain environmental conditions to the degree required by the customer. 

Quality planning, production planning and parts sourcing

With the prototype test, the work of our engineering department is not done yet. In order for your product to arrive perfectly and in-time at yours, our engineering team supports the process of industrialization through smart quality and production planning as well as by assisting the coordination of materials procurement.  


How may we help you?

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