Sparing partners: Slewing gear units and helical gear units.

The perfect interplay makes harvesting machines like combine harvesters or maize headers fascinating machines. This is where AUMA Drives gear units come into play. The adjustable spout of the combine harvester is driven by a worm helical gear unit designed as slewing gear unit. A three-stage gear unit always provides the suitable transmission ratio for the complex technology.

Slewing gear units and helical gear units

A slewing gear unit is at the heart of the system. The sprout pipe is guided through the opening in the worm wheel, a closed housing protects both splines and bearings. Furthermore, the gear unit can be upgraded with a primary stage gear and motor to a complete drive system as an option.

The integral overload slip clutch serves as important safety feature. Since threshed corn is often transported via sprouts into lorries accompanying the harvesting process. In case of collision, the clutch provision sufficient protection so that the mechanics of the sprout remains intact.

Enclosed drive system which, in contrast to open sprockets, is resistant to pollution and does not require maintenance, i.e. re-greasing

Self-locking helical worm gear unit SOG305 with integral rotation limitation and integral slip clutch

Prepared for mounting a position sensor, rotary encoder/encoder

Total transmission ratio i=346.6

Output torque 6,000 Nm + holding torque 11,000 Nm

Three-stage helical gear unit

The three-stage helical gear units by AUMA Drives convince due to their robust and long-lasting design in premium production quality whenever high efficiency is required.

3 transmission ratios between i=28.2 and i=41.5

Optimised efficiency for continuous application and high speeds

Extremely lean design