Heavy Duty Screw Jack
Solutions for Tramways

Customised development of gear units opens up countless possibilities. Like for example the specifically developed screw jacks for tramway undercarriages. Although the stroke of the manual gear is limited to only 18 mm, the effect is considerable. Since technicians can compensate for the respective wheel wear when using this screw jack, tramways can further be used without expensive and time-consuming repairs in the workshop.


To ensure that this technology is fit for daily use, the screw jacks are provided with an extremely corrosion-resistant coating. It protects all outer parts exposed to rain, road salt or exhaust gases.

Total stroke 18 mm

Manual operation via hexagon (2.22 rotations for a stroke of 1 mm)

Maximum lifting capacity 53 kN at maximum permissible dynamic superimposed load (FEM tested)

maintenance-free thanks to premium corrosion protection for all ambient conditions (salt, humidity etc.)